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Good News, Bad News on Loading Unloading of School Buses

During the 2015-2016 school year, there were 4 children killed is U.S. during school bus loading/unloading operations.  One child is too many to lose, however in past years there has been as many as 17 children killed in a school year during loading/unloading operations.  Districts in the last two years have made some real progress in reducing this type of loss.  This reduction has been contributed to equipment use on buses, better control of bus stop locations and the training provided to bus drivers and bus aids.  Below is a link to a training video that was created by the Greenville SC County School District to help school bus drivers and aids on the proper procedures for loading/unloading of students.

How important is this subject?  Progress has been made, but out of the four children killed this last year, one of them was from Florida.

If you need help with your transportation department, please contact your FSBIT Safety Consultant or me anytime.  Scott Blaser at

Understanding your Equipment Breakdown Insurance

There are many different types of insurance, and sometimes we lose track of all the coverages we have. One type of coverage that we recently found out that we need to learn more about is our Equipment Breakdown Insurance or what is usually known as “Boiler Machinery Insurance”.

To help all of us, we will be holding a “What’s Covered Under Equipment Breakdown Insurance” class at the end of March. (Specific day and time coming soon!) This class will be held here in the FSBIT office and online. We will even record it so that it can be reviewed later. This class should be attended by member maintenance staff and by those that report losses. This class will go over all the different types of losses that are covered and give some suggestions as to how to prevent those types of losses. As the one representative from Hartford Steam and Boiler said, “we even cover stupid”. What they mean is, if one of your staff makes a mistake with servicing or preforming maintenance incorrectly on a covered piece of equipment, it may be covered by the policy.

So until this class, below is a link to the Hartford Steam and Boiler training page called, “The Simple Seven”. It is a quick outline of understanding equipment breakdown insurance and the seven major kinds of equipment. For each one they give examples of covered losses and this should give you a pretty good guide.

Link to “Understanding Equipment Breakdown Insurance”.

Keep checking the website for updates on the class, and as always, any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call or email. Scott J. Blaser at