About Us

The Florida School Boards Association
established the Florida School Boards Insurance Trust (FSBIT) in 1981 to self-insure the property, casualty, and worker’s compensation exposures of member districts. Program administration is the responsibility of the Trust’s Risk Management Department.
The Florida School Boards Insurance Trust was created as a direct response to the difficulties and expense school districts face in acquiring insurance protection, handling claims, training staff, and managing loss control at a reasonable and affordable cost. Today, FSBIT assists school districts in reducing risk management costs by providing training and services in addition to purchasing insurance coverage through its pooling efforts.


Our Benefits

Our programs are built on principles of sound insurance practices, responsive claims management and loss
control services, and governance by experienced and knowledgeable school district leaders.

FSBIT offers:

  • Consistent underwriting/rating practices
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Flexible limits
  • Choice of claims defense counsel
  • Web based claims information and tracking
  • Specialized risk management consultants
  • Numerous safety and loss control programs
  • Online safety training that includes tracking and reporting